With co-author Po Bronson, Ashley Merryman's insights change the national dialogue. Beyond their bestselling books, email, Facebook, and Twitter are filled with demands to read Ashley's and Po's essays (such as "How Not to Talk to Your Kids," "Creativity Crisis," and "Losing is Good For You"). You've seen their commentary in the New York Times, Time, Newsweek, New York, Anderson Cooper 360, Fox & Friends, All Things Considered, Tell Me More, CBC's Q, Canada AM, and more.

Ashley Merryman


The Science of

Winning and Losing

available in hardcover, ebook, audiobook, and paperback

". . . game-changing steps to assure success in winner-take-all showdowns, for everyone from adults in offices to students in classrooms."
–Tavis Smiley

". . . the cutting edge science behind life's triumphs and failures . . . insight from politics, finance, science, sports and economics to tip the odds in your favor."

"I tell my staff, I tell my friends – you must read Top Dog.
I was a good poker player before I read it.
Now, I'm even better."
— Phil Gordon, World Poker Tour Champion, author, and CEO of Jawfish Games


New Thinking About Children

available in hardcover, ebook, audio, and paperback

". . . the most important book I’ve read this year. . . .
if you only read one thing I review,
please make it this one."

". . . a must-read. . . . groundbreaking . . . .
will knock your socks off."
Huffington Post

". . . a book that’s hard to put down
and easy to take seriously. . . . "
The Onion's "AV Club"