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Praise for NurtureShock

"a classic . . . ." —

"The Freakonomics of childrearing . . . . a fantastic read . . . .a wake-up call for parents." —Good Morning America

"blinding me with science . . . . brilliant . . . ." —Washington Post

"Prepare to be slack-jawed . . . . astonishing . . . .This tour de force is one of the best parenting psychology books in years and will likely be seismic in influence." —Library Journal (Starred Review & One of Year's Best)

"'Mythbusters' for anyone who has a child - or was one." —San Francisco Chronicle

"must-read. . .groundbreaking . . . .knock your socks off." —Huffington Post

". . . fascinating . . . ." —Toronto Star

"engaging . . . . startling . . . . a funny, clever, sensible book. Every parent should read it." —Financial Times

"the most important book I’ve read this year. . . . if you only read one thing review . . . this year please make it this one.” —Wired

"compelling . . . vivid research . . . . a cold splash of water for parents."        —Austin Statesman

"will make you a better mom or dad without you even knowing it. . . .irresistible . . . . fascinating . . . . " —The Daily Beast

" explosive . . . . " —Daily Mail (UK)

"one of the most important books you will read this year. As a writer, I was impressed by the prodigious research and keen analysis. As a father, I was consumed with taking notes and exhilarated by all I learned." —Dan Pink, author of A Whole New Mind

"Bronson and Merryman do parents a service by calling attention to studies that seldom make their way into the media." —New York Times

"a book that’s hard to put down and easy to take seriously. . . . " —AV Club

"shocking . . . . fascinating . . . . excellent . . . . This is the parenting book for parents who hate parenting books." —Sunday Times of London

"enthralling . . . you don’t need kids to fall under the book’s spell. . . . NurtureShock is more people manual than parenting manual." —Seed Magazine (One of Year's Best)






Praise for Top Dog

“remarkable . . . will help you rise to the occasion. . . .fascinating . . . . wildly counterintuitive. . . . " —San Francisco Chronicle (Lit. Pick)

"the cutting edge science behind life's triumphs and failures . . . insight from politics, finance, science,sports and economics to tip the odds in your favor." —

"You gotta get it. . . . A fascinating topic that we all deal with on a daily basis." —Fox and Friends

"A book that gives you home field advantage in life's big contests." —Barnes & Noble (Best Books of the Month)

“intriguing . . . . the authors persuasively argue that technical skill is only one part—in many cases, the least important part—of what it takes to come out on top." —Booklist

"a great read for those paralyzed by the fear of failure as well as those who hunger for success.” —Huffington Post

"Accessible for fans of pop science, yet substantial enough to have practical applications . . .. will have folks rethinking the impulse to win at work and play."  —Publishers Weekly

"Fiction may lay claim to imagination, but works such as Top Dog are what push the envelope of our reality. . . . stunning . . . ." —The Coffin Factory

"A terrifically useful book about the science of competition (which you should read right now).” —Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code

"surprising . . . . an easy, highly satisfying read. Grade: A" —AV Club

"illuminating and entertaining . . . surprising insights . . . ." —Kirkus Reviews

"I tell my staff, I tell my friends – you must read Top Dog. I was a good poker player before I read it. Now, I'm even better." —Phil Gordon, World Poker Tour Champion, author

"fascinating . . . .What makes a winner or a loser? How can we become better competitors? When are teams a poor strategy? Read this and find out."        —GeekDad (Best Book of the Year)

"should be mandatory reading for every serious athlete, coach, and managers - both on and off the field. Amazing science, terrific storytelling, and insight to burn." —Pat Williams, Co-Founder/SVP, Orlando Magic and Basketball Hall of Famer




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