BOOKS with po bronson

Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing
"You gotta get it. . . . A fascinating topic that we all deal with on a daily basis."
Fox and Friends

". . . remarkable . . . will help you rise to the occasion. . . .fascinating . . . . wildly counterintuitive. . . . "
San Francisco Chronicle

"Fiction may lay claim to imagination, but works such as Top Dog, are what push the envelope of our reality. . . . stunning . . . ."
The Coffin Factory

NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children
"Prepare to be slack-jawed . . . . astonishing . . . . This tour de force is one of the best parenting psychology books in years and will likely be seismic in influence."
Library Journal (Starred review)

"The Freakonomics of childrearing . . . . a fantastic read . . . .a wake-up call for parents."
Good Morning America

"enthralling . . . you don’t need kids to fall under the book’s spell. . . . NurtureShock is more people manual than parenting manual."
Seed Magazine (One of Year's Best)


642 Things to Write About
A collection of writing prompts from the writers of the San Francisco Grotto.

". . . loved it. . . . "
Writers Digest

selected other writing

Losing is Good for You
Ashley's New York Times essay on why the "Everybody wins a trophy" culture is hurting children's psychological development.

How Not to Talk to Your Kids
Po and Ash's New York magazine cover story on the inverse power of praise.

Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure,
While Others Fall Apart?

Ash and Po's adaptation of Top Dog for the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

The creativity crisis
Po and Ash's Newsweek cover story on the science of creativity – and how new evidence indicates that kids' creativity is on the decline.

Superstar Sports Players More Likely to Cheat
Ash's recent essay for Time.com about why superstars cheat.

additional reporting, etc. . . .
Links to pieces Ashley's written for New York, Newsweek, Time, the Daily Beast, and more . . . .