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A few selected pieces Ashley's written for Newsweek, New York, Time.com, Daily Beast, and more . . . .

What Do Preschools Have in Common with Bridges and Airports?

Ashley's award-winning essay for Newsweek.com on the effects of background noise on children's learning.

Even babies discriminate

This excerpt of NurtureShock's chapter on race was a cover story for Newsweek.

snooze or lose

Can a lack of sleep set back your child's cognitive abilities? In this Clarion Award-winning article for New York magazine, Po and Ashley's provocatively explored how sleep deficits can alter children's psychological well-being, academic performance, and even their weight. An expanded version of this subsequently appeared in their book NurtureShock.

How to Get Kids to Sleep More

A companion piece to "Snooze or Lose," Ashley's suggestions on how to get kids to bed. A New York magazine online feature, and Clarion award winner.

the new child-testing craze

Ash and Po's Daily Beast article on how schools are (wrongly) replacing IQ tests with tests of kids' social and emotional behavior.

just let them eat the marshmallow

In this article for the Daily Beast, Ash and Po examined the famed "Marshmallow" study – debunking previous reporting that had claimed that toddlers' ability to resist a tempting treat predicted those kids's SAT scores as teenagers.

Are good deeds a license to misbehave?

Ashley's Newsweek.com essay on how just thinking about doing something nice might make you less likely to actually do something nice.

Tell them you're "acting obama"

Ashley's personal essay for Newsweek.com about tutoring kids of color just after the election of President Barack Obama.

11 Ways to Jump-Start Infant Language Skills

Ash and Po's suggestions on how to develop infants' language skills quickly became one of the most-emailed articles on Babble.com's site for the entire year.

Blaming others is contagious

How even watching someone else blame a person for a mistake can make you more likely to blame another – don't blame Ashley for writing this Newsweek.com essay, though. She's just the messenger.

will this marriage last?

Ash and Po's essay for Time.com – a tongue-in-check handicapping guide to marriage-longevity.

When Grown Kids Come Home

Ash and Po's essay for Time.com critiquing media coverage of "boomerangs" – adult children who move home. A part of Ash's and Po's award winning column for Time.com.